The All-In-One Micro-Sized Console

Everything you need In One Bundle!

Every one of your favorite and memorable games are included in the library of over 7,000 games, from 27 different consoles, handhelds, and arcades, throughout the 8-bit through 32-bit Eras, and the Second through Sixth Generations of video game consoles, all spanning 25 years of gaming!

the ‘good old days’

Playing video games was an everyday ritual we enjoyed. But, we took it for granted, with no simple solution to relive that magic - Until Now,.. and it is simple- a simple Plug-and-Play console ready in 3 Steps - connect power, connect HDMI, connect controllers, - Play!

Every single game, from all the retro consoles, are all crammed into a tiny retro throwback case. And 1080p HD video output that looks excellent on any size HDTV. With over 7,000 games, from 27 consoles, handhelds, and arcades.. there is no need to ask if it has.., "Yes, it has that game, it has them all!" So let the Nostalgic journey begin!


You probably still have one of these old gaming consoles - But getting them out, finding the old proprietary cords, hooking them up, finding space for the console, the games, & the controllers is a pain in the ass.


This ultra tiny super gaming console has everything-in-one!

All the game you remember and will hook up to your modern HDMI TV. Includes awesome features like multi-player, game-rewind, fast-forward, and auto-saving.

It is easy to use, all setup, and ready to play, right out-of-the-box. Just plug in the power, hook it up to the TV, and connect the controller(s) to start gaming down nostalgia street.

All of this is crammed into a neat, little nice tiny micro console, that literally fits in the palm of your hand. Match that with great build quality; doesn't feel cheap and flimsy, it is solid, sturdy, and thought out.

See the list of all the systems and the number of games included. Almost all* include their complete library collection.

*The Nintendo 64, Sony PlayStation, and Sega Dreamcast consoles include a hand-picked collection of their best games.


Super Nintendo Controller
  • The Console
  • Storage & Carrying Case
  • 6ft. Power Supply Cable
  • 6ft. HDMI Cable
  • 2 (Two) Super Nintendo Controllers
Wired Xbox 360 Controller
  • The Console
  • Storage & Carrying Case
  • 6ft. Power Supply Cable
  • 6ft. HDMI Cable
  • 2 (Two) Wired Xbox 360 Controllers (8ft. Cable with Breakaway Cable)
Wireless PlayStation 3 Controller
  • The Console
  • Storage & Carrying Case
  • 6ft. Power Supply Cable
  • 6ft. HDMI Cable
  • 2 (Two) Wireless PlayStation 3 Controllers (LED Lighting & Vibration Feedback)

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The creator of these micro consoles, Kevin, lives in Chico, CA, and has been making these for people all over the North State to reunite them with the gaming goodness they had as kids.

Contact Kevin to get your retro console for yourself or as a gift. You can leave him a voice message, send a text message, or contact him using Facebook Messenger. You can also submit your contact information and he will respond within 12 hours.

+1 (530)420-RGMM [7466]

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